In Japan's history there is a period called the "Warring States period" when many wars broke out.

"Sengoku Otome" is a fictional story using the military commanders of this "Warring States period" as a motif.

A story from the Warring States period which is in Japan but a different Japan.
This is a world of turbulent times where women are the main warriors fighting.

The notable commanders of the warring states were spreading war across the land to unify the country.

And the beautiful and strong women
were called:
"Sengoku Otome"...

"Sengoku Otome" was created in 2008 as a Heiwa pachinko machine.
With a historical warring states commander motif,
it used cute women as the characters,
with the video production company "Shirogumi" creating
some of Japan's finest CGs for the video.

It expanded from pachinko and slot machines to become active as
comic books, animation, games, and more.